I started the online 6 week transformation with Laura 2 weeks after going into lockdown when the opportunity became available. The first 2 weeks my eating habits were all over the place as I didn’t have my usual daily routine not being at work. I thought this would be the perfect time to give me something to focus on and I would have plenty time to follow the plan. I’m so glad I made this move as there has been a big change to my body in 6 weeks even during these uncertain times. Laura provided a meal plan to follow which was great, it was just normal food which made it so easy, my partner and I were able to have the same meals. I had to make a few minor changes but mainly the key was just being organised. I thought training was going to be difficult for me as I haven’t been to the gym for years. I was able to connect Laura to my tv and follow the live workouts which were easy to follow as a beginner and having no equipment to begin with at home. This was also good for me as I could build my confidence without the fear of people watching. Sometimes I actually felt like Laura was in my living room. Even though it is online, Laura was always there to provide support, her motivational chats kept me going and she kept in touch with weekly check ins and regular info being posted on the fb page. My results are great so far, already I am feeling healthier and have a few new pairs of jeans that actually fit me since dropping a size!! It’s amazing how quickly 6 weeks go by, I’m looking forward to continuing my journey. Highly recommended!


The Transformation Club has become much more to me than trying to fit into a size 10. For over 3 years I’ve suffered from a painful wrist – I couldn’t put weight on it nor raise my arm behind my back. A course of physio didn’t help a MRI scan was booked then cancelled twice. I couldn’t bare the thought and risks involved of going through an op. Over the years my concerns have grown; as a electrologist having a weak wrist and arm has really impacted my work and getting older not being to use both arms to sit up or get out of chair etc is not ideal to say the least. So 7 weeks ago I nervously joined the TC with a list of things I would NOT be able to do! Unbelievably after just 3 classes I was doing push up’s rubbish ones but still…I was putting weight on my wrist!! 7 weeks on I’ve gone from basically rolling about to doing Burpees and absolutely NO shoulder arm or wrist pain. I’m completely flabbergasted, Laura said it’s been from ‘building up my strength’, can it really be as simple, well apparently it is. Thank you Laura and all the fabulous trainers, you really have brought me radical changes, improved lifestyle and a arm that works. Now I just need to aim for the size 10 jeans.


The best bit for me doing this (apart from feeling better) is my health. I suffer from really bad IBS and have done since I was a kid.
I have had NO SYMPTOMS since starting at Feel Good with the eating. This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for me! I have been tested for celiac disease and food allergies but nothing ever came back positive…I have never felt so well and healthy, this is a huge improvement for me, as guaranteed at least 2-3 times per week I’d be in chronic pain. Even up through the night feeling sick.
I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this!


Well am I glad that I finally had no excuse not to join this transformation club. The last 6 weeks have been challenging for us all in so many ways but it really was the right time for me to take control of my own health and wellness before my BMI increased any more – that was an eye opener when I did that calculation!!

When I started the work outs that was when I really realised how unfit I had become. I had the couple of days after of not being able to move easily, the squat burn was awful. But now burpees are not my enemy (mountain climbers are) and my recovery has noticeably dropped. Especially liked the Beat your Reps workout which clearly showed the improvement after a couple of weeks.

I found the eating plan that worked best for me was fasting from 8pm to 12noon the next day. I would have a super shake at 12 followed by 3 eggs cooked various ways. Lunch would be a baked potato with tuna & salad or a wholemeal chicken wrap. Dinner would be fish pie or sweet potato curry. Batch cooking really helped along with microwave rice so when that hunger hits you, your meal is ready quickly.
Snacks of homemade soup and oatcakes around 4pm or a fruit bowl of berries with Greek yoghurt and granola. Also love the dark chocolate Kallo rice cakes if I need something sweet.

Gave up tea, which I used to have with milk and sugar which would then lead to toast and butter followed by a chocolate biscuit. Now it is hot water and lemon or herbal tea.  I really love cheese, so I do grate a wee bit on an omelette or on a baked potato but as I’ve cut out the bread that has been reduced too. I love the wholemeal wraps and pitta bread. 

My 10 year old daughter took my starting photos and when she took the next set she said she didn’t notice much difference. I wasn’t disappointed because I knew how much better I was feeling especially my sleep. But when Laura sent me my comparison photos then I could see a difference.
I have lost 10lbs, my BMI has decreased, my energy levels are up, fitness levels are increasing and now I can’t wait to start the next 6 weeks. 

Did I find this easy? Absolutely not, the first week I felt awful, lethargic, sore head and aching from using muscles that had not been used for a long time.
The second week I felt better and was getting into a routine of workouts every second day with a walk/cycle in the evening. I love the fact I can workout when it fits in with me and from home. Doing the workout first thing is always the best way to start the day and get it done.
Has it all gone according to plan? Absolutely not, in week 3 my neck went into a spasm and I was out the game for 4 days so no workouts for nearly a week but I stuck to the eating plan as best I could. 

Yes, there has been the odd bit of pizza and ice cream with the kids on a Friday night and alcohol has been reduced but not disappeared entirely. So now I am really curious what will happen if I give the next 6 weeks 100% because I know that this system of HIT workouts and clean eating does work and it really does make you “Feel Good”.


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